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Application of Polyethylene Tape

1. What is polyethylene tape

Polyethylene tape refers to an adhesive tape product that uses polyethylene as the base material of the tape and an adhesive compound on the other side. The aliases are polyethylene adhesive tape, composite polyethylene tape, and coated polyethylene tape; and because the product is mainly used for external anticorrosion of pipelines, it is also called polyethylene anticorrosion tape, polyethylene anticorrosion adhesive tape, and anticorrosion tape ;At the same time, because it can be cold-wrapped during anti-corrosion operations, it is commonly known as polyethylene cold-wrapped tape, polyethylene cold-wrapped adhesive tape, pipeline anti-corrosion cold-wrapped tape, pipeline cold-wrapped tape, cold-wrapped tape and cold-wrapped tape.

2. Application and characteristics of polyethylene tape

There are two most effective ways to reduce the corrosion of the outer surface of underground and water pipelines. One is to add a protective coating to the outer surface of the pipeline during manufacturing, and the other is to add cathodic protection after the pipeline is installed. Both methods are generally accepted in engineering applications and are legally supported in the United States.

Polyethylene adhesive tape has undergone a large number of laboratory and field tests, coupled with worldwide applications, to prove that this pipeline coating meets the standards set by the US Federal, NACE recommended methods and other international pipeline industry standards. In general, polyethylene adhesive tape is currently the second most widely used position in pipeline coating, but polyethylene adhesive tape occupies the first position in field construction. Polyethylene adhesive tape has the following characteristics:

(1) Composed of thermoplastics, it has excellent chemical stability, electrical properties, water resistance and physical properties;

(2) Matching with cathodic protection;

(3) The method of use is simple, practical and efficient;

(4) In terms of material costs, construction costs and cathodic protection costs, this adhesive tape is economical.

Polyethylene tape has the characteristics of cold-wound tape, convenient construction, no environmental pollution, excellent anti-corrosion performance, long service life, and low overall cost. Has been widely used in oil and gas, petrochemical, city gas, electric water supply, metallurgical shipbuilding and other pipeline projects for external corrosion protection of steel pipelines.

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