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double sided tissue tape
double side tissue tape
tissue tape double sided
double sided tissue tape

Double Sided Tissue Tape

Egret so-called double sided tissue tape is used a lot for bonding different materials, and for refrigerator metal parts fixing. Normally is coated with natural rubber glue or solvent based acrylic adhesive on both sides. Plus, this tissue tape double sided has silicon paper liner, easy to release. The base material is light weight non-woven tissue tape paper. The material of double sided tissue tape is very thin, and has low tensile strength and low elongation, but stretchable, and very easy to tear. Because of this feature, double sided tissue tape uses includes bonding the fabrics to rigid cardboard, laminating the foam materials, attaching the nameplates & signs, etc. In the meantime, you can use cloth soaked with alcohol to remove the glue.


Double Sided Tissue Tape Specifications

Product CharacteristicsPerformance DataTest Method
Tissues+Adhesive Thickness100 microns (4.0 mil)PSTC-133/ASTM D3652
Liner Thickness120 microns (4.8 mil)PSTC-133/ASTM D3652
Peel Adhesion20 N/25mm (72.0 Oz/InPSTC-101/ASTM D3330
Static Shear (Room Temp)≥48 HoursPSTC-107/ASTM D3654
Static Shear (170℃)≤2 minutesPSTC-107/ASTM D3654
Liner Release310 mm/minASTM D5375 / D5375M
Tape ColorWhiteVisual

Features of Double Sided Tissue Tape

Features of Double Sided Tissue Tape

  • Light-weight non-woven tissues backing

  • Coated with aggressive solvent based acrylic adhesive on double sides

  • Protected by easy release strong silicone paper liner

  • Two types available: standard & High Tack

  • High tack version is specially used for bonding metal parts

  • Excellent conformity to uneven surface applications

  • Excellent choice for mounting light objects

Double Sided Tissue Tape Uses

Double-sided tissue tape is a hidden champion of the crafting and repair world. This thin, flexible tape packs a powerful punch in its lightweight frame, tackling a surprising array of tasks with ease.

Crafting and DIY

  • Paper Lamination: Create stunning and durable projects like gift bags, bookmarks, and coasters by laminating paper, plastic, and even textiles! Simply sandwich your chosen materials between two layers of tape for a professional finish.

  • Embellishment Magic: The double sided tissue paper tape can secure delicate decorations like ribbons, glitter, and lace to cards, scrapbooks, and other crafts with precision and ease. No more worrying about glue marks or messy application!

  • Temporary Hold Hero: Need to keep paper in place for cutting, decoupaging, or applying stencils? Double-sided tissue tape comes to the rescue! Its gentle hold won't damage delicate surfaces but keeps things secure until you're done.

Home and Office Solutions

  • Mounting Maestro: Transform your walls and doors into galleries! This tissue tape double sided is perfect for hanging posters, photos, and lightweight objects without leaving any residue or damaging surfaces.

  • Sealing Saviour: Minor tears in envelopes, packaging, and paper bags become a thing of the past with a quick patch of double-sided thin paper tape. Save money and keep things secure with this simple fix.

  • Cord Chaos Conqueror: Tidy up those unruly cables and wires with ease! Double-sided tissue tape bundles them neatly and keeps them out of sight for a more organized and aesthetically pleasing workspace.

Process of Double Sided Tissue Tape Production

Process of Double Sided Tissue Tape Production
Process of Double Sided Tissue Tape Production

First, we will choose 50 mic to 120 mic thickness non-woven tissue paper.


Second, we coat very high bond synthetic rubber resin or solvent based, water-based adhesives on both sides of non-woven tissue paper. The choice of glue is based on customers' requirements on the adhesion strength. The thickness of glue we coat is about 50 microns to 80 microns.


Finally, we use our lathe slitting machines to cut the jumbo rolls to different standard or nonstandard width and length of small rolls. Furthermore, we can also use our die cutting machines to make different shapes of double-sided tissue tape. Important to realize, the jumbo size is 1020mmx1000m.

FAQ of Double Sided Tissue Tape

FAQ of Double Sided Tissue Tape

What is a double-sided tissue tape?

Double-sided tissue tape is a tissue paper coated with double sided adhesive.


What is double-sided tissue tape used for?

Can be used for bonding one material to another material.


What is double sided tissue tape made of?

Tissue paper, adhesive, and paper liner


How to remove double sided tissue tape

Soak a cloth in alcohol, and then use the cloth to rub it.

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