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Technical Advantages Of Egret

Egret Electrical Appliances is located in the West Industrial Park, Henglin Town, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of more than 20,000 square meters, construction area of more than 35,000 square meters, the company focused on the refrigeration industry for 15 years.

The company's existing partners mainly include Hefei Midea Valin Co., LTD., Hefei Midea Refrigerator Co., LTD., Hubei Jingzhou Midea Refrigerator Co., LTD., Jingzhou Midea Refrigerator Co., LTD., Hefei Changhong Meiling Co., LTD., Jingdezhen Changhong Meiling Co., LTD., Mianyang Changhong Meiling Co., LTD., Hefei Whirlpool Sanyo Co., LTD., Hefei TCL Refrigerator Co., LTD Limited company, Nanjing Lishui Skyworth Refrigerator Co., LTD. Other small and medium-sized refrigerator factories are Zhejiang Xingxing, Shanghai Shuanglu, China-South Korea Refrigerator, etc.; The export business mainly includes Haier in Indonesia, Sanyo in Vietnam, LG OEM factory in South Korea, etc.

The company's advantageous products are divided into the following five series:

1) Aluminum foil tape series

2) Coated tape series

3) White PE tape series

4) PET tape series

5) High-strength acrylic foam tape series

Now the five series of belts are analyzed as follows

1) Unlined pure aluminum foil tape

  • Initial viscosity: has the characteristics of strong initial viscosity, meets the test 18# steel ball, so that the first paste effect achieves the best.

  • Peeling strength: The peeling strength reaches 25N/25mm, which can meet the non-warping phenomenon of the inner cold-wrapped bile and condenser side plate.

  • Viscosity: According to the experimental standard, the displacement of 1.5 kg weight in 24 hours is not more than 3mm, which meets the viscosity stability of the condenser side plate and internal cold-wrapped bile.

  • Foaming binding rate stability: in China's extremely hot and cold weather environment, the foaming bonding rate can still reach 80%-100%.

2) Laminating aluminum foil tape series 

Laminating aluminum foil tape series is divided into manual easy-to-tear laminating aluminum foil tape and machine adhesive laminating aluminum foil tape.

2.1) Manual easy-to-tear laminated aluminum foil tape

The main process is to cover the back of the adhesive tape base material with a single layer of polypropylene (BOPP) or polyester (Pet) film, the thickness of the film is 0.018mm-0.025mm, and the thickness of the aluminum foil is 0.014mm-0.024mm. In addition to all the characteristics of the above pure aluminum foil tape, the most important feature is to reduce the thickness of the aluminum foil. Meet the needs of cost reduction, light unwinding force, and improve the work efficiency of the wire body.

2.2) Machine-coated aluminum foil tape

In terms of performance, in addition to the same performance as pure aluminum foil, it has the greater tensile strength to ensure that the automatic paste machine is not easy to break, and the cutting mouth is simple and smooth. Compared with pure aluminum foil tape, it has obvious advantages, because pure aluminum foil tape will break frequently when the machine is operated, and the aluminum foil incision with strong material is easy to cause aluminum foil damage, resulting in foam penetration

3) The advantages of white PE tape are analyzed as follows:

The adhesive tape has good stability when it is used in the internal cooling bile wrapping and the side plate of the condenser, the adhesion rate with foam reaches 100% and the combination stability is good, so the inner liner and foam are not layered, and it has a strong effect on reducing noise.

4) The advantages of PET blue and transparent tape are analyzed as follows:

The product can reach a high temperature of 120℃ for 2 hours without transfer, especially for refrigerator-embossed aluminum plates after high-temperature foaming, which can achieve a strong non-transfer effect.

5) Advantages of high strength acrylic foam tape series are analyzed as follows:

The company has high-strength foam tape. This tape is made of German Romann's glue, which can be firmly used to glue rimless glass doors of refrigerators and wine cabinets. This tape has obtained UL, TUV/CE, and REACH certifications. At present, the major cold manufacturers are still using 3M VHB, and the cost is high. Under the premise of ensuring quality, the cost of this kind of tape is bound to be reduced.

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