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Tape For Car

There are 4 main purposes to use foam and tape. One is thermal insulation. Normally, the car engine generates very high heat, thermal insulation will stop the heat to drivers. Second, soundproof, the car engine will also generate very big noise, in order not to disturb drivers, we use foams to avoid this problem. Third, vibration proof, the engine will cause big vibration while driving, use foams to reduce the vibration. Forth, strong adhesion and a neat looking. In terms of name plates, we use VHB acrylic foam tapes to attach and enhance the adhesion, as well as nice and neat looking.

Car sound insulation can not only reduce the noise in the process of driving but also improve the sound pressure and timbre of car audio. The following is a small series of car sound insulation methods for everyone, I hope to help you.

1. Mute material installation.

Remove dirt, oil and residual glue inside the door, such as not clean, vibration reduction material is not easy to paste, and easy to fall off, with a pretreatment agent to paste the surface to do vibration reduction before pretreatment.

2. Stick vibration reduction, and sound absorption material.

Cut the appropriate size of the damping material and paste it inside the door, and use a squeezer board to evenly scrape the surface of the damping material so that it fully adheres to the door. Cut the appropriate size of the sound-absorbing material and paste it on the damping material supplier, with the back of the speaker as the center.

3. Appropriate application of rubber hose.

If pasting affects the movement of the switch handle, install a distribution hose on the door switch handle.

4. Paste anti-sound materials.

Cut the appropriate size of the anti-sound material paste on the lining board, and use the squeezer board evenly pressure, make it fully adhere to the lining board, and do not paste the hole used in the lining board plug.

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