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drywall joint tape

Drywall Joint Tape

Egret so-called plaster ceiling joint paper tape is a kind of material widely used in the decoration process of gypsum board joints, which can be effectively fused with gypsum board, putty and other building materials to cover cracks, and can effectively enhance the anti-crack performance of the plate joints. 


Drywall Joint Tape Specifications

Product CharacteristicsPerformance Data
width50 mm
Gram Weight130-140 g/m2
Thickness215-245 um
Standard length20m, 50m, 152m
Static Shear (Room Temp.)≥12 Hours
Tensile Strength(transversal)5.58 N/MM
Bonding strength0.3 mpa
Elongation rate% vertical1.52
Elongation rate% transveral0.22

Features of Drywall Joint Tape

Features of Drywall Joint Tape

  • 130-140 g paper pulp as base material

  •  Laser drilling or needle punched hole on the backing

  •  With very high tensile strength not easy breaking

  •  Excellent waterproof to avoid rot away

  •  No pollution to environment

  •  High conformability & anti-crack, anti-wrinkle

  • Ideal vapor and moisture barrier

The Green Material of Egret's drywall joint tape

As a high performance, high strength material,

drywall joint tape has many environmental advantages. First, it has good stability and durability, maintaining original performance even in extreme environments, so it can be used for a long time without too much maintenance and replacement. In addition, the drywall paper material itself can be recycled, reducing the waste of resources and the burden on the environment. Finally, drywall materials can reduce energy consumption and waste generation during use, which is conducive to reducing carbon emissions and environmental pollution. 

Process of Drywall Joint Tape

Process of Drywall Joint Tape
Process of Drywall Joint Tape
pulping step

In the pulping step, the raw wood pulp is broken down, removed from the debris, and beaten into the slurry tank to be prepared.

sizing step

In the sizing step, a neutral sizing agent and a wet strength agent are added to the sizing tank with the raw wood pulp and mixed evenly.

paper Making Step

In the paper making step, the prepared slurry is sent to the prize pool, the slurry is diluted with a primary flushing pump, and then the slurry is desanded. The desanded thick slurry is pumped into the first stage and two stages of pressure screening through the secondary flushing pump to remove the slag, and then formed after the Internet and dehydration, and the original paper is formed after being dried by pressing

Sizing Step

In the sizing step, the dried raw paper with chemical fiber is sizing through the sizing machine, and the paper is dried after sizing

FAQ of Drywall Joint Tape

FAQ of Drywall Joint Tape

What is a drywall joint tape?

Drywall joint tape aka paper drywall joint tape. Help to bond the seams of drywall


What is drywall joint tape used for?

Can be used for sealing the seams of drywall, and repairs the cracks of plaster


How to apply the drywall joint tape?

Use compound mud underneath paper joint tape and cover the tape with another layer of mud


Why use drywall joint tape?

It can effectively enhance the cracking resistance of the joint of the plaster

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