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What Is The General Price Of A Pressure Switch? Changzhou Pressure Switch Manufacturers To Help You Fully Understand!

There are many things in our lives that require pressure measurement, such as chemical, mechanical, hydraulic and hydroelectric applications that require real-time monitoring of their pressure, but when the pressure values are too high simple pressure measuring devices do not work. Many of you have only seen pressure switches, but do not know much about them. Today we are going to learn more about the uses, features and usage of pressure switches and the price of pressure switches.

ac pressure switch

Pressure switch applications

Pressure switches are used to measure and control liquid pressure with high accuracy and are used in many areas such as chemical, hydrological and mechanical applications. Pressure switches are also used in conjunction with electrical switches, which are activated when the measured object reaches a specified pressure, and can be used in industry as a protection device to avoid major accidents.

Pressure switch characteristics

The pressure switch is now also very widely used, it is characterised by the use of welding when the installation structure is installed very flexible, the use of additional fixing is not required, the pressure switch connection method users can also choose independently. Within a certain pressure range it can be manufactured according to customer requirements.

air con pressure switch

Pressure switch usage

There are techniques to use the pressure switch, firstly to control the upper and lower pressure values of the pressure switch, ON/OFF are the run and off keys. Pressing SET will enable you to set the lower limit value, increasing and decreasing the value by (▲)(▼). Once the setting is complete press SET again to set the upper limit value. Then press ON/OFF again to start working.


Types of pressure switches

Depending on the application, there are different types of pressure switches. If the pressure switch is to be used in an explosive area, we need to use an explosion-proof type of pressure switch. There are also electronic and mechanical pressure switches, which can be selected independently when used. Having said that, let's take a look at the price of pressure switches.

air conditioner pressure switch

Pressure Switch Prices


Mechanical adjustable normally open and normally closed diaphragm type pressure switches are priced between $100 and $150. The Italian mac3 mechanical pump pressure switch is priced between $120 and $130, and the Jinshenglin general purpose pressure switch is priced at $220. If you need to buy a pressure switch, you can visit your local instrumentation company or automation instrumentation company to see and buy the pressure switch you need.


We have learned about the use of pressure switches, the use of pressure switches, and the price of pressure switches, etc. We hope that this will be helpful to those who need it.

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