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PET Blue Holding Tape

Egret so-called blue PET tape or blue holding tape is used a lot for refrigerators or coolers. It has both blue color and transparent color. Normally is coated with natural rubber glue or solvent based acrylic adhesive. Plus, the pet adhesive tape has no liner. The base material of the blue pet tape is polyester. The material has very high tensile strength and low elongation, not stretchable, and hard to tear. Because of this feature, it is suitable for temporarily holding the plastic or metal parts without moving. In the meantime, after you remove the tape, it has no glue residue on the surface. On the other hand, blue color is easy for you to recognize. Silicon coating on the back side is easy for you to release.


PET Blue Pet Tape Specifications

Product CharacteristicsPerformance DataTest Method
PET Film Thickness36 micron (1.4 mil)PSTC-133/ASTM D3652
Adhesive Thickness25 micron (1.0 mil)PSTC-133/ASTM D3652
180° Peel Adhesion12 N/25mm (43.3 Oz/In)PSTC-101/ASTM D3330
Static Shear≥24 HoursGB/T4851-2014
Tensile Strength75 N/25mm (17.1 Lb/In)PSTC-131/ASTM D3759
Elongation at Break140.00%PSTC-6/ASTM D3121
Service Temp.-10 ~ 80℃ (14 ~ +176 °F)
Operating Temp.0 ~ +40℃ (32 ~ +105 °F)

Features of PET Blue Pet Tape

Features of PET Blue Pet Tape

  • Blue polyester film with high tensile strength

  • With silicone coating on PET non-adhesive side for easy release

  • Tear-resistance is for strong holding

  • Coated with high performance natural rubber adhesive

  • Rubber adhesive has good bonding, removes without residue

  • Blue or transparent color is available

  • Good aging resistance for both indoor & outdoor use

  • After removal, no adhesive residual on surface

Applications of Blue PET Tape

  • Powder Coating: Blue PET tape masks areas during powder coating processes, protecting surfaces that should remain uncoated. It withstands high curing temperatures, ensuring clean, sharp edges and effective protection.

  • Electronics Manufacturing: The blue PET foil tape insulates and protects electronic components during manufacturing. The tape can handle high-temperature processes like wave soldering, ensuring components remain secure and undamaged.

  • Automotive Industry: This tape is used for masking during painting and coating, preventing paint from reaching unwanted areas. It also protects surfaces and components from scratches and chemical damage during assembly and transport.

  • Aerospace Industry: Blue PET foil tape is critical for high-temperature masking, surface protection, and insulation in aerospace applications. Its durability and reliability ensure components are protected during manufacturing and maintenance.

  • 3D Printing: Applied to 3D printer beds, the blue PET adhesive tape creates a smooth surface that improves print adhesion and prevents scratches. It ensures prints remain stable and intact during the printing process.

Process of PET Blue Holding Tape Production

Process of PET Blue Holding Tape Production
Process of PET Blue Holding Tape Production

First, we will choose 28 mic to 36 mic thickness polyester film.


Second, we use blue paint to dye the pet film if transparent color, then no need to dye.


Third, we coat silicon on the back side of PET blue or clear film, to ensure its easy release or unwind.


Forth, we coat with very high bond natural rubber or solvent based adhesives.


Finally, we use our lathe slitting machines to cut the jumbo rolls to different standard or nonstandard width and length of small rolls. The jumbo size is 1200mmx1000m.

FAQ of PET Blue Holding Tape

FAQ of PET Blue Holding Tape

What is a Blue PET tape?

PET tape aka polyester tape, high tensile low elongation, smooth and hard film. Blue PET tape is a type of adhesive tape made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a strong and durable polymer. The tape is often coated with an adhesive on one side, typically silicone or acrylic, which allows it to stick to various surfaces.


What is PET tape made of?

Blue/clear polyester film and rubber or solvent adhesive.

  • Base Material: The primary component is PET film, chosen for its strength, durability, and resistance to stretching, tearing, and puncturing. This forms the backbone of Blue PET tape, ensuring it can withstand demanding conditions.

  • Adhesive Layer: One side of the PET foil tape is coated with a strong adhesive.

  (1) Silicone Adhesive: Provides high-temperature resistance and clean removal, ideal for applications requiring heat endurance.

  (2) Acrylic Adhesive: Offers robust adhesion to various surfaces and resists temperature fluctuations and chemical exposure, making it versatile for different environments.

  • Release Liner: Some types of the PET adhesive tape include a release liner, a protective backing that covers the adhesive until use. This liner ensures the adhesive remains uncontaminated and is peeled away just before application.

  • Coloring Agent: The distinct blue color of the tape is achieved by adding dyes or pigments to the PET film or adhesive. This enhances visibility and aids in easy identification during application.


What color of PET tape do you have?

We have blue and transparent, and strips.

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