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double sided vhb foam tape
vhb foam tape
foam vhb tape
double sided vhb foam tape

VHB Foam Tape

VHB foam tape stands for very high bonding foam tape. It is also called acrylic foam tape. Because it has very high bonding features. Thus, it can be excellent alternatives of metal fasteners and liquid adhesives. For example, it can used for mounting glass curtain walls and doors, very popular in building industries. Also, it is used for attaching the glass doors of refrigerators and name plates. Thanks to its outstanding adhesion of acrylic glue, it has more strong adhesion than most of adhesive tapes.  Meanwhile, the tape is protected by a PE or silicon paper liner, for easy release. Moreover, it can conform to different shapes of surfaces.


VHB Foam Tape Specifications

Product CharacteristicsPerformance DataTest Method
Carrier ColorBlackVisual
Liner ColorRedVisual
180° Peel Adhesion(20min)≥2,000 g.f/inchASTM D-3330
180° Peel Adhesion(72hrs)≥3,000 g.f/inchASTM D-3330
Loop Tack≥2,000 g.f/in²ASTM D-6195
Dynamic Shear Strength(20min)≥25 kg.f/in²ASTM D-1002
Dynamic Shear Strength(72hrs)≥30 kg.f/in²ASTM D-1002
Static Shear≥24 hrsASTM D-3654

Features of VHB Foam Tape

Features of VHB Foam Tape

  • 1.2mm viscoelastic black acrylic foam as carrier

  • Coated with special formula of very high tack adhesive

  • Laminated with red color plastic easy release liner

  • Excellent properties of energy absorbing & stress relaxing

  • Neat and invisible looking to be excellent alternative to metal fasteners, welding

  • The acrylic provides outstanding durability performance

  • Good vapor & moisture resistance

  • Outstanding conformity to uneven surfaces

Process of VHB Foam Tape Production

Process of VHB Foam Tape Production
Process of VHB Foam Tape Production

First, we formula and mix special high bonding acrylic adhesives.


Second, we solidify the acrylic foam.


Third we crush the adhesive to different thickness of adhesive foam shapes.


Forth, we use our coating machine to coat red PE liner, or white silicone paper liner, to protect the double sided acrylic foam.


Finally, we use our lathe slitting machines to cut the jumbo rolls to different standard or non standard width and length of small rolls.

FAQ of VHB Foam Tape

FAQ of VHB Foam Tape

What is VHB foam tape?

VHB foam tape is also call acrylic foam tape. It is composed of acrylic adhesive and liner.


What does VHB foam tape stand for?

Very high bonding foam tape, the adhesive is acrylic based and double sided.


How long will Egret VHB tape last?

12 months of shelf time in room temperature.


What is VHB foam tape used for?

Mounting glass doors and windows. Bonding refrigerator doors. It can replace fasteners and liquid adhesives.

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