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Influencing Pu Binding Rate Of Aluminum Foil Tape

1. Influence of temperature environment

Generally, the experimental temperature is about 23℃ at normal temperature for foaming experiment, which will be a good temperature environment. When the tape is sent to the lab, it generally takes more than 2 hours to start testing.


2. Foaming material (mainly white material)

What kind of white material is it? Diversified foam or? The speed of volatilization of foaming material will lead to one of the factors of good or bad bonding rate.


3. Experimental methods

Generally according to the domestic oems testing standards, we need to pay attention to the following points:

3.1 Pull off the surface of the belt for at least 3 rounds, so as not to cause damage to the surface coating of the belt due to external factors

The phenomenon of foaming material not sticking.


3.2 After the aluminum foil tape is pasted on the surface of the steel plate in strips, it shall be laid flat on the steel plate without overlapping parts. Otherwise it will also lead to the stability of foaming.


3.3 Length of time. When the black and white material is mixed evenly and poured on the surface of aluminum foil, the general enterprise standard provisions: as long as the foaming material is hard with the hand, about 5 minutes later, you can uncover the foaming material. If it reaches more than 20 minutes, it will also affect the stability of foaming binding rate.

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