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Detailed Explanation of Knowledge Points about PE Protective Film

Structure of PE Protection Film

Currently, there are roughly two to three types of structures for protective films in the market: base layer and adhesive layer.

Conventional process: Evenly apply adhesive onto the base material, where the base material granules mix with the adhesive layer.

Co-extrusion process: Mix the adhesive granules with the base material, with no adhesive on the surface, but with a certain stickiness that does not leave any adhesive residue.

General Specifications and Colors of PE Protection Film

  • Thickness: 0.03mm-0.15mm;

  • Colors: Transparent, blue, black, milky white, black bottom and white surface color. Special colors can be customized according to customers’ needs;

  • Width: Within 1650mm, Length: Within 1000m;

  • Adhesive force: 5-610g/50mm.

Precautions for Using PE Protection Film

  • Preparation: Please ensure that the surface to be pasted is clean without any residual substances such as dust and oil stains, to achieve the best adhesiveness of the film during application;

  • Usage: The pe protective film should be pasted or torn off at a temperature no lower than 14℃ to achieve the optimal effect;

  • Attention: If the protective film encounters moisture after being pasted, please wait for it to dry completely before tearing it off. In addition, the principles of first-in-first-out inventory management should be adopted;

  • Recommended storage environment:

        Temperature range: 60~80℉(15-27℃);

         Relative humidity: 40%~60%.

  • Product functions: The explosion-proof film series adopts extrusion molding technology, which has better tensile strength and resistance to prick.

The 3M polyurethane protective film tape series is made of highly durable thermoplastic elastic material. It is coated with rubber or acrylic adhesive. It has a thickness of 0.35mm, 0.25mm, and comes in transparent and black colors. It has the best UV resistance and is suitable for indoor industrial applications and high-performance outdoor applications (such as windshields of cars and planes, and metal protection).

Product characteristics:

  • Wear-resistant - provides long-term protection to many high-precision surfaces;

  • Shock-resistant - maintains surface integrity in many low-impact applications;

  • Puncture-resistant - forms a tough barrier against liquids, preventing them from corroding the product;

  • Flexibility - adapts to most curved surfaces;

  • Non-volatile organic compounds - does not release volatile organic compounds during use.

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