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Foam And Tapes For Building Construction

In terms of building & construction markets, it is very close relative to HVAC&R markets. In some situations, HVAC&R service for building industries. Construction projects refer to engineering entities formed through the construction of various building structures and their ancillary facilities and the installation of their supporting lines, pipelines, and equipment. Among them, "building" refers to a roof, beams, columns, walls, foundations, and projects that can form internal space and meet the needs of people for production, living, learning, and public activities. While thermal insulation, sound insulation is always related to building and construction industries. Thus, foam and tapes act a very important role to provides thermal and sound insulations. Egret foam and tapes are very widely used in building and construction markets. There is four main insulation material which has to be used together with tapes or foams below:

1. Rock wool and slag wool.

The maximum operating temperature is about 600℃. Its disadvantage is large absorbency and small elasticity. Slag cotton can be used as thermal insulation and sound absorption materials for building walls, roofs, and ceilings, as well as thermal pipe insulation materials. Combustion performance is a non-combustible material.

2. Asbestos. 

The highest operating temperature can reach 500 ~ 600℃. Because the dust in asbestos is harmful to human health, it is rarely used in civil buildings. At present, it is mainly used in insulation, heat preservation, and fire protection covering industrial buildings.

3. Glass wool. 

Maximum operating temperature 400℃. Widely used in low-temperature thermal equipment and building thermal insulation, it is also a good sound absorption material. The combustion performance of glass wool is a non-combustible material.

4. Ceramic fibers. 

The maximum operating temperature is 1100 ~ 1350℃, which can be used for high-temperature insulation, and sound absorption. Specially used in a variety of high-temperature, high-pressure, easy-to-wear environments.

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