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pressure switch manual reset
manual reset high pressure switch
manual reset pressure switch
pressure switch manual reset

Manual Reset Pressure Switch

Egret BLPS-YKM series of manual reset pressure controllers are suitable for overpressure protection of all types of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. When the system pressure is above the rated security pressure, the pressure induction disk within the sensor moves instantaneously, the security disk through a guide rod is driven to the lock location, while the security disk pushes the switch touch point to disconnect through the connected guide rod; when the pressure drops to the rated security pressure below, the induction disks automatically reset, while as the security disk has been at the lock location and cannot be automatically reset, the switch touch point cannot be connected, and the system can return to the normal working condition only by pressing the external button and forcing to push the security disk lock to the switch touch point into the connected state.


Manual Reset Pressure Switch Specifications

NO.NameFeatures/setting value
1Setting range of pressure range3-667PSI/0.02-4.6mpa
2Tolerance range of pressure switch1.45-14.5PSI/0.01-0.1mpa
3Contact formNormal open, close
4Contact capacityAC240V,3A,AC120V,6A
5Contact resistance≤ 50 MΩ
6Insulation resistancebetween terminal and housing ≥100 MΩ
7Dielectric strengthNo breakdown and flashing in 1min at AC1500V
8Maximum burst pressureNo burst phenomenon in 1min at ≤5000PSI(34.5MPA) blast pressure
9Gas tightnessNo leakage (4.8mpa/1min)
10Adaptive temperature-30-80 degree
11Life cycle≥100000 times
12Over pressure TestIncrease to 10mpa.No burst and leakage in 10mins

Features of Manual Reset Pressure Switch

Features of Manual Reset Pressure Switch

  • Egret BLPS-YKM series manual pressure switches using thread quick joint or copper tube, capillary welding connection structure, simple and convenient to meet the needs of different users.

  • The shell adopts plate mounting type (with mounting ears) or line mounting type (without another external fixed installation) two kinds of mounting methods, can be arbitrarily selected by users

  • Sealed double safety disc stainless steel sensor, to ensure that the system will not be switched on and start the machine due to accidental failure of the sensor, especially safe and reliable.

  • The independent automatic disconnection and manual reset double structure design greatly improves the safety and reliability of pressure protection

Process of Manual Reset Pressure Switch Production

Process of Manual Reset Pressure Switch Production

First, we use turning lathe and CNC milling machine, to cutting and machining different size of male and female thread, there are BSP 1/4 inch, NPT 1/8 inch etc. On the other hand, we can also use different size of straight or bending copper tube instead of thread connections.


Second, punching the metal pressure sensing diaphragms.


Third, silver soldering and laser welding, and then assembling the connection port to the disc-shaped metal diaphragm and valve core depressor.


Forth, encapsulate the whole parts with black plastic shell housing. Fifth, factory calibrating the different customized pressure setting.


Finally, wiring, acid pickling, epoxy, and inspection.

FAQ of Manual Reset Pressure Switch

FAQ of Manual Reset Pressure Switch

What is manual reset pressure switch?

It is a disc design, manual on/off pressure controls for controlling the machine.


What is manual pressure switch used for?

Used for controlling the air conditioning and machines to on or off work by pressure.


Is it manual control pressure switch?

Yes, it can control the machine on/off work manually


Is the pressure settings adjustable?

No, it is factory setting and non-adjustable.

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