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Kraft Paper Tape Is More "Complicated" Than You Think!

There are many kinds of kraft paper tape. They can be classified by their sticking types, temperature resistance, and color, such as wet kraft paper tape, non-water kraft paper tape, reinforced kraft paper tape, and white kraft paper tape, among others. Several of them will be briefly introduced below.

Wet Kraft Paper Tape

Wet kraft paper tape is usually made of kraft paper as the base material with starch glue on the adhesive surface. It has no stickiness in normal conditions but can produce a strong adhesive force after being moistened. It can be used for daily box sealing, etc.

Non-Water Kraft Paper Tape

Non-water kraft paper tape is the most commonly seen kraft paper tape in daily life. The adhesive surface is already coated with adhesive and can be directly pasted without the need for moistening.

Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape

Reinforced kraft paper tape contains fiber thread that enhances the tensile strength of the tape and prevents deformation. Both wet and non-water reinforced kraft paper tape are available. Among them, wet reinforced kraft tape is mainly used for high-end electronic products and international parcel sealing because it has high sealing strength and can effectively prevent unpacking.

White Kraft Paper Tape

The function and material of white kraft paper tape are the same as common kraft tape, but the tape color is white, which can meet some special packaging requirements.

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