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fsk tape
foil scrim kraft
foil scrim kraft tape
fsk tape

FSK Tape

FSK tape is short name for foil scrim kraft tape. It is fire resistant, moisture barrier, very popular in thermal insulation industries. It is combination of aluminum foil, brown kraft paper, fiberglass scrims. It can used for wrapping the air ducts and laminating the glass wool or rock wool thermal insulation, duct board joints applications. It is a cheaper solution compared to other reinforced aluminum foil tape. Notably, it attaches well to rigid & flexible air ducts. Also, it is perfect vapor sealing for fiberglass facing joints. In addition, we have 2 way and 3 way directional scrims foil. As a result, it can meet with your variable requirements.


FSK Tape Specifications

Product CharacteristicsPerformance DataTest Method
Backing Thickness120 microns (4.8 mil)PSTC-133/ASTM D3652
Backing + Adhesive180 microns (7.2 mil)PSTC-133/ASTM D3652
Peel Adhesion28 N/25mm (100.8 Oz/In)PSTC-101/ASTM D3330
Tensile Strength150 N/25mm (34.1 Lb/In)PSTC-131/ASTM D3759
Elongation1.00%PSTC-131/ASTM D3759
Service Temp.-20 ~ +80℃(-4 ~ +176 °F)
Operating Temp.0 ~ +40℃(32 ~ +105 °F)

Features of FSK Tape

Features of FSK Tape

  • 4.8 mil (120 micron) 3 directional foil scrim kraft backing

  • Coated with aggressive synthetic rubber resin adhesive

  • Strong adhesion fit for sealing joints/seams of foil/scrim facing

  • Good at moisture or air penetration resistance

  • Good aging resistance for both indoor & outdoor use

  • Heat and light deflection

  • Provide an effective barrier to moisture, vapor, air and corrosion

  • Conform well to contours and irregular surfaces and bonds to most substrates

  • Can be cleanly and easily removed  from most surfaces, without any residue

Process of FSK Tape Production

Process of FSK Tape Production
Process of FSK Tape Production

First, we weave the PE fiber mesh into 2 way directional or 3 way directional patterns. Then, layer the lightweight aluminum foil onto the fiberglass scrims.



Second, we laminate a layer of brown kraft paper on the aluminum and fiber scrims.


Third, we coat with very high bond natural rubber or synthetic rubber, hot melt adhesive on the basing material by our glue coating lines.


Finally, we use our lathe slitting machines to cut the jumbo rolls to different standard or nonstandard width and length of small rolls.

FAQ of FSK Tape

FAQ of FSK Tape

What is FSK tape used for?

FSK tape also called foil scrim kraft tape, is used for HVAC industry & pipe wrap insulation. Seal the seams & joints on the FSK faced duct boards. It acts a role of moisture barrier for glass wool or rock wool panels.


What is FSK tape made of?

It is made of aluminum foil, kraft & fiberglass scrims.


What types of FSK tape do you have?

We have 2 way and 3 way directional FSK tape


What benefits of FSK tape?

Good at moisture or air penetration resistance.

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